About Limmud

What is Limmud?

In Hebrew, Limmud means "learning"- and that's what it's all about. We are a community who creates spaces and places so that you can craft your own Jewish experience, explore your connection to Jewish ideas and tradition, and meet people who share your curiosity and enthusiasm.

Our Mission:
Limmud’s Promise – Wherever you find yourself, Limmud will take you one step further on your Jewish journey.


Limmud Community Network

Limmud is a worldwide movement that started in Great Britain in 1980 and has grown to include programs in multiple locations in Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia & Australasia, Israel and the UK. The various communities create Limmud events that are unique their community, but all are asked to subscribe to the core Limmud values.

Core Values for International Groups

Expanding Jewish Horizons
  • We strive to create individual, collective and communal experiences, through which we strengthen and develop our Jewish identity.
Enabling Connections
  • We aim to create opportunities for communities and individuals to connect.
  • We recognize the strength of providing a space where spiritual, emotional and intellectual connections are made.
  • Everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher.
  • Learning embraces personal development, knowledge and skills.
  • Learning changes people, inspires action and opens new worlds.
  • We encourage the creation of a learning environment in which people are able to reflect and grow.
  • There are many inspirations that can offer opportunities for learning.
  • Volunteerism is a key feature of almost everything we do.
  • We are all responsible for each other and for the communities we create – everyone has an important contribution to make.
  • We encourage participants to take an active part in all we do.
  • We inspire people to be ambitious about their contribution.
  • We challenge people, and trust them to rise to that challenge.
  • We see the potential of individuals and communities, and support their development.
  • We empower people to make choices and provide the information they need to inform those choices (including in the biographies which we ask presenters to provide).

What is Limmud AZ?

Limmud AZ is a local Arizona event, held each year, that brings together hundreds of Jews from all walks of life. The event offers a full schedule of workshops, discussions, arts, music, performances, text-study sessions, and much more.